Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Stress.

Today was an "I want to slap everyone" type of day.

I found nearly everyone on my yearbook staff completely incompetent. Literally, I cannot take on anymore pages than what I already have. People need to WORK.

My AP Economics grade is seriously pitiful because my teacher hasn't put in the points from my test corrections. Aside from that I've been doing well on our recent assignments, so hopefully it'll bring my grade WAY up.

And I've had this raging headache since yesterday that has led to me popping advil, ibuprofin, excedrin--- you name it--- into myself, trying to find something that will alleviate the throbbing on the left side of my head.

My stepmom commented on how pale I've looked as of late and said it was stress. Apparently I'm not eating as much, and my eyes are sunken in, and my demeanor has changed. Well yeah. All of that is probably true.

But it's hard to be all shits and bubbles when EVERYTHING is going on at once. There's just too much. Last week was hectic because not only was I having to deal with yearbook deadlines, but art club was having it's biggest fundraiser of the year, and as president I had a lot of responsibility to ensure that everything was running smoothly. The fundraiser ended today, and I know that we made well over $500 in profit selling valentines flowers and messages, but add my prom stress to all of that and you get a fine mess of not so awesome. I bought my dress today (I'll post a picture of it later), but my friend that I was bringing flaked out on me so I am, yet again, dateless. :/

I'm looking to the brighter parts of my day though, which is usually either my APES class or art class with all of my friends who are equally as troubled as I am. It's nice to have a built in support group that I can see on a day to day basis.

To cheer myself up today I bought myself a mint plant, and I'm looking at stuff on Urban, seeing if I can buy something tiny to remind myself that I'm awesome. This self esteem trip doesn't bode well for my scholarship interviews next weekend so I'm trying to surround myself with positivity.

I heard that mint leaves help relieve stress. I'm hoping they do.


  1. I hope things start going better. You're focusing on the positive though and even trying to make some more of it, you're doing okay.

  2. I'm impressed that you recognize the negativity, and that you're actively trying to solve the issue via positivity. I'm so sick of people complaining without trying to find solutions, even though sometimes one just has to vent...You've always seemed very in-control.

  3. It's okay. As everyone else said, it's good that you're at least trying to get a handle on the situation. I'm sorry about the prom deal, and the general insane stress of everything, cause I know how terrible that can be. :/ I wish you best of luck on the interviews!

  4. At least you look pale and sickly when you're tired and stressed. I always look like that.

    Maybe it just means I'm always tired and stressed...