Friday, February 3, 2012


Today was... well, let's just say another defining moment in my life that will forever mold my perception of the world.

Let's start with the morning. I woke up with one mission: to look semi-decent and cute. According to my peers, I succeeded. Yesterday our art instructor told us that when we went on our trip we had to stay in a group with people, to which my friend Rachel responded, "I'M A LONE WOLF." Then it created a huge tangent about being a wolf pack, and then how much we all wished we could grow beards--- so we decided to do the next best thing, which was make backward braids that looked like beards.
Yup. This is why I don't have a date to prom. ANYWAYS, we made a group chant, and hand sign (which may or may not belong to a gang--- we have no idea). We would also periodically yell "Wolfpack!" and howl uncontrollably. In public.


Anyways, the judges for the Symposium seemed pretty cool, but during their LONG lecture I accidentally fell asleep twice. I mean, it was so dark, and the auditorium was so warm, and I didn't go to sleep until midnight the night before---- can you blame me?

The judging was okay-ish. It was general art BS (emotional > technical, mixed media > single media or traditional paintings) A lot of stuff that I didn't think was that good won, and a lot of stuff that I thought was magnificent placed in the 6-10th place range.

My friend Leanna won 3rd place and got a $2500 scholarship to the college, and I was happy for her, but this other girl in our art group won, and to put it frankly: everyone thought it was a joke.

No one in my class particularly likes her because she's an attention whore (that we usually ignore) and she half asses all of her artwork. Not to mention she has a tendency to "borrow" stuff and never give it back, which sucks because most of us buy our own art supplies and can't afford for to her to virtually steal it.

But yeah. Like I said, I was very shocked when some portfolios weren't picked, but whateves. The judges wanted to see the experimentation with mixed media, and think that content emotion is better than technical skill, which sucks.

Ah well, the college only lets you use the money if you're going there full time. I didn't need the money.

My friend Ian drew satan on my hand. Brownie points if you can spot the irony.

All day I found myself singing Beatles songs under my breath. A sign? Perhaps.

Anyways, I am now going to leave you guys with one of my favorite videos.


  1. Well I guess Art is really subjective. What I think is good may strike you as particularly horrible.

  2. Art is pretty subjective, but your friend did great to get what she did :) You all also look awesome with the beard braids. That is definitely the kind of girl I would take to prom.

  3. Is the irony that he drew Satan on his hand yet has Jesus or a religious bracelet on? (Obviously it's probably not called a "religious bracelet," but being agnostic borderline atheist I figure it makes sense I don't know.) I like brownie points. Shoot, I just like brownies.

    In the same vein as you my friends and I have been having laughing fits, trips to 7-eleven for slurpees and just general awesomeness. :D

    I hope life keeps treating you well!

  4. That's unfortunate but what can you do, at least one of your friends won something.

    And I don't blame you for falling asleep, I would have been out cold long ago in those conditions. :P