Tuesday, January 31, 2012


As of late I have wasted hours of my time on Pinterest and 9Gag.

My life now consists of DIY's and memes.... Oh, and homework.
Oh, if you guys only knew how applicable this is to me...

Anyways, I feel like after this week is over, things will start to get easier, and perhaps even--- dare I say it, better. My teachers seem to have just decided to throw everything at me this week (and as sadistic as it sounds, I'm glad that I'm not the only one struggling) and I'm nearly on empty. Tomorrow night I have to put together a presentation about my reaction to Obama's state of the union address for my speech class, and discuss three points about his speech. Seeing as how I've only seen snippets of it, I really need to actually research it out. It's currently buffering on Youtube.

Also, I'm thinking about buying a plant. A mint plant. So that I can pretend that I am a Koala eating eucalyptus. And I'm being completely serious. I might buy one later this week in fact.

This Friday I have an Art Symposium to attend/compete in and I'm really excited to see all the other artwork. I'm more excited to miss school, but whatever. I promise to take pictures.


  1. You should get one of those bonsai plants... or get a plant and make it grow bonsai style, whichever term is grammatically and politically correct.

    They're mad.

    Don't work too hard :P.

  2. You need to watch the bit where he lies seven times in two minutes and discuss that.

  3. Ugh. Just one of those weeks when EVERYTHING is happening, huh? But, yeah, hopefully things will be all downhill from here. Downhill as in easier, not downhill as in worse! Haha. Oooh the art symposium sounds like it should be fun.

    Oh Ryan Gosling...