Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some Words.

-Walking back to class from lunch-

Me: ".....and I realized that if I think Texas is cold, then I'll just die in Ohio or any other northern state."

Alejandro: "Yeah, man, that really sucks."

Person: "Lizzi!"

Me: "Huh?" -turn around-

Person who turned out to be a kid from my ap art class: "Hey dude, you dropped your chapstick."

Me: "Oh.... thanks. Now I won't have chapped lips."

Now to most people, this is normal, but I have to say, if it were me I probably wouldn't have noticed if someone's chapstick fell out of their pocket. Even if I did, I probably wouldn't make an effort to tell them unless they were a friend.

Recently I've been amazed at some of the encounters I've had while walking to class. Just today I was making the 4 minute sprint from my debate class to homeroom and while going down the outside stairway I get cutoff. This is normal, in fact I usually do a fair share of cutting other people off, but this guy... this guy looks at me and says with a sheepish smile: "Oh sorry! I just cut you off didn't I? I didn't mean too, but I wasn't really looking."

Kind of stunned that someone was apologizing over something so small and mundane as cutting me off on the last step of the stairwell all I could say was: "Don't worry it's cool!"

The guy looked like he was going to say something else, but he stumbled, laughed, and said something about not looking where he was going again and then got lost in the big crowd that is my school.

In that moment, I didn't feel like an ant. I didn't feel like I was a determined little creature with marching orders to be where I was supposed to be time.

It was nice.



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  3. This is such a sweet post <3
    I like when small things like happen.

  4. Those guys sound so sweet! I wish people were like that in my school. Here everyone nearly tramples you and doesn't even care! There are definitely some really weird things that I hear while walking through the hallway though...

  5. aww, I love when people do nice little things like that.