Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wonton Lady Gaga fan

Why is it that whenever people find out that I like Lady Gaga they're just like, "Really? Are you serious?"

You know what fans of death metal, followers of Dimmu Borgir? SUCK IT. Don't try to pull your elitist BS on me. Don't judge me because I can appreciate folk, punk, and other various forms of music at the same time.

At least Lady Gaga has some actual talent backing her crazy antics.

SUCK IT HATERS. And yeah, next time you think about criticizing my taste in music, remember who knows how to do the chemistry homework.


  1. I like Lady Gaga too. :P
    I'm annoyed by people who hate popular music strictly on principle.

  2. ooh, burn! this lady knows all about chemistry AND genuine taste. you can't hate all mainstream music just because it's popular. Lady Gaga has got a serious voice on her! i like her quite a bit.

  3. Yeah, when people don't like something just because it's popular, that's just stupid. She's not my favorite, but I like her too! She does have a great voice, and some extremely catchy songs. And hahah, the guy in the background in that picture is pretty creepy... XD

  4. I like Lady GaGa, I mean not as much her new music EP but def her old stuff :) I think it's cool she's being creative because not much people are doing that right now!

  5. bahaha, Gaga's the bomb. I'm not even gonna try to catch up on all your old posts so I hope you've been well.