Friday, January 1, 2010

The Grind

So it's the new year.

Nothing especially great happened.

I stayed in the clothes that I fell asleep in, ate steak and lobster, and cleaned out my computer registry in order to boost the speed.

It seems like this year will be great.

Also, it seems as if I might actually be getting a cellphone. Believe me, it's not of my own doing. In fact, I've been trying to avoid cellular devices like the plague, but as of late I started realizing that getting a phone would not only be practical because of all the events and clubs I'm in, but actually pretty cool on my end because it's not being funded by my dad or stepmom.

One of the main reasons I wanted to delay getting a phone is because my parents would be paying for it. Not that the concept of them providing for me is bad, I just didn't want it to be one more thing for them to hold over my head.

If I were to get in trouble, make a bad grade, or just do something they thought was stupid the first thing they would probably take away would be the phone.

No thank you. I'd rather not get something that could be taken away from me at any moment.

However, as stated above, this phone will not be bought or paid for by my dad or stepmom.

So there. A loophole.


  1. Ah don't worry (although you're probably not worrying haha)
    I didn't do anything on New Years either. But Happy New Year anyway :)

  2. I used to not think I needed a cell phone, but now once I have one I don't know what I did without it, haha :P Being independent from your parents like that would make me feel very accomplished though!

  3. i'm a grown-ass lady and my aunt pays my phone bill for convenience and she held it over my head like CRAZY. i'm so glad that we had a fight and now i can be independent again. it's not cool to feel like a prisoner to our families, but i'm sure that your situation will be ALOT better than mine :( have fun making the best out of your new year; you've got a good start! organize your desk and buy a wall calendar like i did! you'll feel so good crossing off the days and looking back at all of the things that you've accomplished!

  4. I just didn't want it to be one more thing for them to hold over my head.

    As in? "After all we've done for you."