Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Fear

Sometimes, after I come home from hanging out with my friends, or even when I'm just spending time with my little brother, I get hit with this big wave of terror--- In three weeks I will be gone.

No more lazy mornings, playing dinosaurs with my little brother when he gets home from school, late night conversations with JB, cuddling with my dog- the list goes on.

And I know this is normal. Almost everyone feels this way. I'm making a monumental change in my life. It's ok to be scared.

I have these little mantras that I repeat when these waves hit, like
-basic is only two months of hell
-when the MTIs are yelling, listen to what they say, not how they say it
-after tech school, I can come home on recruit assistance for a week
-I will finally be fully independent
-I can finally display my relationship with JB on social media platforms
-I will no longer be constantly subjected to heavy smoking within my own home

Just to remind myself of the little details that seem to get lost among the panic.


  1. You'll do STELLAR.

    Is there an address I could send letters to or not?

  2. You are making one pretty big change in your life, so yes it's very normal and very natural to be scared. But you've been preparing yourself for this for some time now, I think you'll do fine and it'll be over before you know it.

  3. My Mama's a smoker, too! There's nothing like having to explain to people that you don't smoke (because you reek of it), but your parents do, inside. It's awesome.


  4. This is news to me. I didn't know that your parents were heavy smokers. More power to you for escaping that.

    And trust me, you'll be fine. Plus, you'll have all of us over here in the blogosphere to support you. :D

  5. You'll be amazing. Good luck! :)