Wednesday, January 16, 2013

About this gun stuff

I know I have to pick my words carefully as a member of the military, but I feel like I have to sort out my thoughts on the issue.

Today, as I was writing this, President Obama gave his proposal to reduce gun violence.  And I think reduce is a proper word to use, because when you have guns, you will always have some type of violence. Whether it's in self defense, national defense, or even game hunting--- there will be violence.

It's something you can't avoid.

For a long time I've been battling internally on whether or not guns, or any weapons for that matter should be accessible to most people, and I'm still unable to come up with a clear answer.  For the most part, I agreed with the things outlined in Obama's speech, which you can read about here.

I'm anxious to see how much of it gets enacted, and how quickly it'll take affect.

In December a friend of mine's younger brother was shot and killed.  I'll spare the details in respect for their family's privacy, but he was killed by someone trying to defend themselves.   Both parties were doing very wrong, illegal things, but I can't help but think that if the gun was taken out of the equation there wouldn't have been a fatality.  He was unarmed, and was presumably only going to "rough up" the other people. My friend's brother would have most likely ended up in prison, but to me, that's better than being dead at 17.  In all honesty, my own parents keep a gun in their bedroom for self defense purposes.  They've never used it, and hopefully never will, but it's just something they have that makes them feel safe.

I don't think civilians ought to be in possession of high caliber firearms, but in that same breath, I know that there is an army of people waving around their civil rights speaking the contrary.  In my own state and city there are people who are more concerned about their gun privileges than they are about what happened a little over a month ago at Sandy Hook elementary.  Gun stores are running out of ammunition as people begin to stock up in fear of no longer being able to purchase bullets.  I mean, it's ridiculous.

In the next few weeks I'll shed the last bits of my civilian life and assimilate into a life-style where guns are viewed in a vastly different manner.  While my job won't involve me using a gun on a regular basis, I'll still know how to operate one.  Maybe my opinions will change once I'm in.  Maybe I'll finally find that missing detail that will make everything click.

Right now, however, I just don't want anyone else to be hurt by these machines.  At least not innocent human beings.


  1. I do think that there should be a limit on how big of a gun a citizen can own, and it's a fairly reasonable argument really, but good luck thinking the crazy gun people can be reasonable. I'm not even being mean about them, I've seen them in action.

  2. most deaths are from handguns which isn't really being discussed as much...