Monday, October 15, 2012

Things that have happened

That tiny little thing in the background? Yeah, that's my dog.
It's unusual for me to go this long without blogging, but since my family has started dog-sitting this monstrosity of a dog, I haven't had much free time.  A friend of my dad's is going through a particularly horrendous divorce with his wife, and until he has time to take care of the dog during the day, it's staying with us.  We usually pick up the dog at 8 in the morning and he doesn't go home until 9 or 10 at night.

Right now we're trying to get the dog healthier because it's REALLY overweight.  As you can see from the picture above, he sort of resembles a big furry sausage whenever he lays down.

Most of my time has been commandeered by the dogs, because if one wants to go outside, both of them have to go.  And we have to feed them separately, or else they'll fight over the food.  And they both have to be petted at the same time or else a shit-fit of epic proportions will be had.

Aside from the doggy situation, I was also preoccupied with cleaning the house in preparation of having JB over for dinner this past Saturday.  The dinner went well (I made eggrolls), and afterwards we went to go see Taken 2.  I would be lying if I didn't mention how panicked and anxious I was.  My parents tend to--- jump the gun in certain situations, and the entire time I was freaked out that they were going to freak out JB because they keep on projecting into theoretical situations and I'm just like, PLEASE STOP. JUST LET US LIKE EACH OTHER, OK?

Yesterday he came over and we watched a few movies together, but not without being bugged constantly by my little brother and dog.  Oh well.

Aside from my parents giving me awkward talks consisting of, "You better not get pregnant and quit the Air Force," things have been going well.


  1. Well they're right. Please do avoid pregnancies. For now. Though I guess when you're taking care of a dog like that, trying to keep it healthy and doing all the work out stuff that you do, you're lucky to have time for a relationship at all.

  2. Ugh, I sort of know what you mean with regards to bringing people over for dinner. I think that's sort of why Theresa has been avoiding invitations to dinner with my family. My Dad can be inappropriate at times and my Mom can be really intimidating.

  3. Ahhh. Think of the life of a dog. Just eat, sleep, and poop. Not a bad life. Anywho, I suppose that must be stressful, your family meddling in your relationship, and all. Just add overweight dogs, and little brothers to the mix... that would be enough to drive me to drinking. You are holding up well, Spazz.

  4. JB as in justin bieber?
    congrats on that and the air force decision.

  5. I do love dogs, but have never owned one, so I think you are extremely lucky! Yeah...maybe keep the pregnancy for another time ;) x