Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sometimes I just want to:

-curl up in a ball underneath my blankets and marvel at my social awkwardness
-drink lots of tea, with lots of honey
-watch Real Time with Bill Maher/Charlie Rose without falling asleep half-way through
-play the Amelie soundtrack repeatedly as I go about my day
-eat a bowl full of Count Chocula cereal
-stop over analyzing everything
-be more open with everyone
-lay in a hot bath until the water becomes lukewarm
-stop being so damn introverted


  1. That's a tough list. I think the only thing on that list I could do successfully is eat a bowl of Count Chocula.

  2. It takes time to get over various insecurities. Stop being so hard on yourself. :(

    Though I agree, tea with honey is delicious.

  3. Lying in a hot bath until it turns lukewarm is quite a hard thing to do. Whenever I get cold I just add more hot water, so it would take quite a long time! :P x