Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shrinking/Other stuff

The other day I decided to actually unpack all of my sweaters and try them on, and to my dismay/delight they're all sort of baggier on me.

It's cool that I'm toning up and getting in shape, but at the same time I have this irrational attachment to all my sweaters.  With some of them it's okay if they look looser and baggy, but with a few of them, they're meant to be fitted.

Yesterday I scoured the internet for ways to shrink them down a size and answers ranged from: "OMG Don't do it, give the sweater to someone else who will appreciate it!!!!111" to "Wash in hot water, then pop it in the dryer and hope it doesn't shrink too much." to "Get it wet, then wear it until in dries."  Yeah. The last one sounds really comfortable.


I have two sweaters that are wool, and I know that if I machine wash them they'll felt.  I don't really have an issue with them felting, but I still don't feel comfortable with just throwing them in the washing machine.

I read the labels on the sweaters and all of them said to either dry-clean, or hand wash in cold water.

Since I'm a scaredy cat I hand washed two of my sweaters in hot water and laid them out to dry.  Neither of them were 100% wool so we'll see how it goes.

If anything, I'll suck it up and give the sweaters that don't fit away and get some new ones.

Also, things with JB have been going well.  We still talk on the phone when he gets off work, and he's a really nice and awesome guy.  I just wish I was better about expressing my feelings and whatnot.  When I was hanging out with Rebekka Sunday she was telling me how intimidated she would feel to date someone with more experience than her and I was just like, "That's totally how I feel right now.  Naive, young, and very intimidated due to my lack of experience in terms of serious relationships."

But I mean, I have to start somewhere, right?

Another fun thing just happened as well.  While I was out running today I saw a cat.  Being the animal lover that I am, I had to stop and pet it.  After a few moments I continued on home, when I heard meowing behind me.  The cat had followed me home.

Oops.  Since we already have a dog in the house I couldn't take it in so I gave it a tiny bowl of milk and a bit of fish from dinner.  I spent a good hour outside playing with the cat, which I named Thom Yorke.  I hope that it finds it's way home, or at least to someone that can take care of it.  If it had a collar I would have called the owners, but oh well.  I live in a pretty decent neighborhood so I'm sure someone will take it in.

Gah.  I wish my dad didn't hate cats.

Oh, and I just saw this today, and it's probably the best response to being criticized about body image in the history of ever.


  1. I wish I had a good answer. I also wish I were getting toned. D:

    Hahaha, you named the cat Thom Yorke. I love it.

    Sorry this comment kind of sucks.

  2. Oh. I am useless. I don't know anything about how to shrink sweaters. Hmmm...on the relationship...I suppose you should be cautious going into a relationship such as you are in... My only advice is to make decisions, not just with your heart, but your head as well. I also wrote about the Jennifer Livingston situation. It was only a coincidence... I didn't steal it... I swear!

  3. I have accidentally shrunk two large jumpers in the wash and they now fit me. I suggest you try it and hope for the best ;) x

  4. Good luck with your sweaters! Have you looked into any DIY ideas for old sweaters?

    That video is awesome.