Sunday, October 21, 2012

Better now, not later

A few days ago I decided that I should probably tell my mom that I'm leaving for basic training in February.  A small part of me doesn't want to, but I know that it'd be really shitty of me to call her the day before, like, "Hey, I'm leaving for San Antonio in the morning. Sorry I didn't tell you sooner."

By telling her now, she can have ample time to "prepare" herself for my departure.  Tomorrow we're going to dinner so that I can tell her about it, and I know that every spare second of her time concluding our dinner she is going to try to find a way to talk me out of my decision.

I'm hopefully just going to strike up a compromise with her and promise to stay in contact and spend more time with her before I leave.  I know she's my mom, but it's emotionally draining being around her.

At least this issue will be easier to tell her about than JB.  I don't plan on telling her anything about him for a LONG time.  I want to save him from having to deal with her craziness for as long as I can.  My mom is batshit.


  1. I think if your mom is really that batshit then you should tell her everything in one go. But, you know her best. I wasn't aware when you left either, that's still plenty of time. I hope she doesn't flip out too much.

  2. Your mother sounds like mine, always wanting to talk me out of things. It's good you don't let her control your life though

  3. It is good of you to tell her in advance like this. A lot of people would wait till the last minute just to avoid a confrontation. She is lucky to have such a cool daughter.

  4. your mom is just a mom, she loves you and all that mom stuff. Love her for that.

  5. Best of luck with the chat! You are in control of your life enough that I'm sure it will go swimmingly.