Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend update.

Ok, so I know it's Monday, but due to it being MLK day stateside I have the day off, and therefore today feels like a Sunday.

Yesterday I traipsed around town with my friend Rebekka and it was a much needed break from the chaos that is my family. Not bad chaos, just busy family of 6 chaos.

We went to the mall, looked at prom dresses, shopped for jeans (unsuccessfully because we are too cheap to spend money on ourselves), and helped a guy friend of ours shop for clothes (unsuccessfully because we are young, poor AP students that don't have enough time to balance a job and a GPA above 3.7), as well as seeing a great amount of other people from our school. While at the mall, my “dateless” situation came up. Rebekka, the lucky dog, has an automatic date because she’s bringing her boyfriend. We created a list of potentials which consisted of my friend Hang (asian friend who is a female) who moved to Dallas over Christmas break, Gary the sophomore (formerly Gary the freshman), and this one guy who is too old to take by one year.

Then, Rebekka had an epiphany. I should take our reluctant hipster friend. Like a good wingwoman she texted him the details and we both awaited anxiously for a response.

He replied first with a “why?” and then with “dammit” because the unthinkable had happened. A slinky sophomore from his algebra class had asked if she could go to prom with him.

The nerve!

The guy of course, not wanting to be dateless said yes.

And the reason why I’m so enraged is because she went to prom last year AS A FRESHMAN. (and if I remember correctly Natalie’s friend went through a similar situation last year)

Needless to say, Rebekka talked him into dumping her, but I’m not going to hold my breath or anything. I mean, he might not have the balls to take back the invitation. She’s just using him! ALSDKJFDSHSJK.

I’m just stressed because it’s crunch time. I mean, my prom is at the end of March, which is a mere few months away. All I want are some happy high school memories, dammit!

On the bright side, I now have this nifty bowl that I painted to match my Ravenclaw tile. It says “Quidditch Is Life” on it, and it has a cool little slot that holds chopsticks. So far I’ve eaten strawberries and banana pudding out of it (respectively).

Sorry for being so melodramatic and catty lately. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a female.


  1. YES, THAT EXACT SAME THING DID HAPPEN. Like, what the heck. That is just absurd.

    Your prom is so early... I already said this before but still, wow.

    I looked at prom dresses with my friends over the weekend too. And reflected over my datelessness. We have so much in common! Haha. :P

    Sigh. Hopefully someone will come along and sweep you off your feet soon! And yeah, I mean, that bowl is pretty cool. I'm guessing you didn't use chopsticks to eat the banana pudding though.

  2. I had to refrain from submitting my previous comments on the account they were snarky and I didn't mean for them to be.

    How do you know the sophomore girl is using him, though?

    I don't mean to sound above it, because I'm not. If anyone were to suddenly like the guy-I-hope-to-go-to-Prom-with-but-who-I-am-kidding?-probably-never-will, I think I'd react the same way.

    I hope everything gets sorted out. Look to the positives when there are too many negatives.

    I sound like a fortune cookie.

    Good night.

  3. @Natalie Indeed. I like that we're on the same timeline, and I'm glad I'm not the only dateless person in the world right now.

    Here's hoping that both of us get lucky and land a date!

    @Lizzie She's one of those girls that goes to EVERY dance/formal. Not that I didn't have that aspiration my sophomore year as well, but I knew better than to ASK a senior to prom. Last year she asked a senior to prom, and they started dating. Now that seemed legit. The thing is, they're still dating. Therefore, why does she need to go to prom again, especially with someone who is not her boyfriend? The only logical conclusion is that she's using him to get into prom. Non of her theatre friends wanted to take her because they were taking other seniors (she even asked another guy friend of mine before she asked the other guy).

    The situation irks me more than her personally.

  4. *none

    Also, no, I did not use chopsticks to eat banana pudding. I did however use a spoon with a plastic monkey on the end!

  5. So,'re taking the reluctant hipster dude? If so, congrats!

  6. I have noticed that you're a female. Anyway, you still have some time there, you can find someone. I say make a statement and take a girl.