Monday, January 23, 2012

A letter

Dear staff member,

I am deeply not sorry that I yelled at you today in front of everyone. You know, I try to be nice, understanding, and even patient, but when I'm multi-tasking on 10 different things on once and I find you watching a fucking youtube video--- Well let's just say that you're lucky I didn't completely fly off the handle.

And then when I asked you to do something for me you replied defiantly "I'm not your minion."

Oh sweet Buddha, that statement completely ruined my zen. Then you continued to watch your stupid video. That was it. I snapped.

I put you in your place, and I could see the shock in your eyes.

Never in my life have I ever yelled at someone like that.

I don't intend on making it a habit, but question my authority as an editor? Be prepared to face the consequences.

Why am I busting my ass, day after day, with a staff of 30 people? I'll tell you why. It's because of the assholes like you that think they can get away with doing the minimum.

I have a surprise for you. If this was a job situation I would have fired your ass so quickly that you wouldn't even have time to think. Sadly I'll just have to settle with it reflecting in your grades.

I am not sorry. Do you job, don't give me attitude, and maybe, MAYBE I'll think about letting you on my good side again.


  1. Well from the sounds of it you were in the right.

  2. Moron. I'm sorry y'all's staff is so sucky this year. It'll be a miracle if we even have a book, huh?

  3. Hopefully they learned their lesson.

  4. Very nicely done. I've always wanted to put someone in their place who deserved it and had it coming.

    It would have felt pretty good, I'd imagine? Once the rage had worn off anyway ;).

    Kudos, girl.