Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 22

I have been baking and making goodies for most of Christmas break. My house smells like the Keebler elf factory.
Today I had a secret santa gift exchange with five other friends at Panda Express and it was pretty awesome. My friend Madelyne (who is starting a blog!) made me an awesome Ravenclaw tile and bought me an awesome camera lens cup!

I liked the fact that our exchange was small and intimate because we were all able to pick out the perfect gifts for each other.

On another note, I still can’t believe that Christmas is only a few days away. The weather has been so sporadic in Texas that it makes it hard to even think that it’s Christmastime. Not to mention there’s been a lot of drama surrounding a nativity scene in a town nearby mine and it’s honestly really stupid. Some people in Wisconsin or something want them to remove the scene from the court house lawn due to the fact that it melds church and state.

As someone who is passively religious, I could care less if it was a Menorah, Nativity Scene, or a reindeer taking a huge crap on the lawn. Personally I find all holiday decorations beautiful and I think it’s pointless to throw such a big fit over something so little. I understand we have a freedom of religion clause in our US constitution, but instead of eliminating the representation of a certain religion I think we should foster equal representation. Also, Texas (and anywhere south of the Mason Dixon line) is going to be SUPER Christian. There’s no getting around it. I don’t know.

I guess I should step down off my soapbox and retire to bed.

Did I mention that I’m sick? I managed to stay healthy while at school, but as soon as I get home I end up catching something from my little brother (who has pneumonia). Needless to say I’ll be taking a hefty dose of Nyquil and be sleeping with the Vicks humidifier on tonight.


  1. It's crazy to think that there is controversy around something like that. I too, just enjoy the spirit of holiday decorations. Hope you have a great Christmas!

  2. I just think it's funny that Hannukah has been blown so far out of proportion. In reality, it's just a minor holiday - our most important holidays happen at completely different times around the year, but there's no sense in fighting the commercial spirit that happens around this time of year...

    As John Stewart would put it, Merry End of the Fourth Quarter of the Fiscal Year.

  3. I've got a camera lens cup like that too, cept mines a Nikon branded one :P. They're awesome yeah? Go us.

  4. I figured the first picture of cookies was just a stock photo or something. Then you posted one of you holding them! They look amazingly perfect.

    Darn colds!!

  5. I love festive baking. There are so many different cookie recipes I want to try out every year, but never get around to it! And yeah, it seems that these days, nobody's content with letting certain religious things go at this time of year. Why can't people just zip it and enjoy the season for what it is?

    Aw, colds suck during the holidays. Hope it doesn't get you down too much! Drink lots of hot things and get sleep. Have a fantastic Christmas! :)

  6. @Em Thanks, you too! :)

    @Isaac My grandpa was Jewish and always said that it was silly for people to make such a big deal about it, but the fact that it overlaps with Christmas makes people want to elevate it to the same level. I just like how pretty menorahs are. :P

    @Ash I'm a Canon girl, BUT YEAH WE ARE SO AWESOME!

    @Drew THANKS! I pride myself in my domestic skillz.

    @Madelyn Thanks! I have a steady IV of green tea strapped to my arm right now. Just kidding. I am drinking a lot of tea though! :)

    Feel better and have an awesome holiday season!