Monday, November 29, 2010

Overridden With Angst

For some reason the world has decided to hand me a big pile of steaming crap in the form of leaves that I have to rake out of my front yard.

Not that I hate autumn leaves, but raking them up Amish style and then bagging them up is a pain, especially when you have a decent sized front yard.

I wouldn't hate raking the leaves if the yard would actually stay clean for more than three hours, but I guess that would be too easy. My dad being a lover of all things torturous refuses to let me use anything besides a rake because I'm young, soft, and need some toughening up. Needless to say my weekends will now consist of raking the yard, tending to my various bug bites and blisters attained from said activity, and homework. I lead a very glamorous life.

And to top it all off, in the next few weeks I will be stressed about making sure that my semester grades are up to par, meaning that I'll most likely be holed up somewhere studying and attempting to stay zen whilst alienating most of my family.

In order to keep myself from completely going off the deep end I've been trying to find little positive things to look forward to like watching DVRed episodes of Conan, art class, and leftover thanksgiving food.

Blahhhhh I just want Christmas Break to come around along with my birthday so that I can de-stress and whatnot.

1 comment:

  1. I feel your pain with the raking. :/ At our old house there was this tree that was the bane of my existence every fall. As soon as you'd rake up the leaves, like 5493583049534 more would fall... But luckily now we live in a place surrounded by pine trees, which is convenient indeed, haha. :P

    Just keep thinking about all those little positive things to get you through the day, and hopefully Christmas break will be here before we know it! I can't wait.