Friday, October 1, 2010

Pickle the poodle

I get my computer back this weekend! I'm hoping that I won't have anymore encounters with the internet herpes, because if I do.... I'm screwed.

Anyways, school as usual has been swamping me like hurricane Katrina. Like, full force winds and tests ALL THE TIME. And what's worse is that everything counts now. Apparently senior year is for chumps, and colleges are now focusing on junior year. FML. FML.

But on the bright side I now have a pet! For the past few months my dad has been obsessed with getting a poodle, and randomly yesterday he brought one home. His name is Pickle and he's a year and a half old.

I'll post more later.

1 comment:

  1. yeah seriously, all i'm hearing is "JUNIOR YEAR IS THE YEAR!" thanks a lot, teachers, for giving me three tests and a speech on the same day. fml, too.

    awwww, Pickle the poodle sounds so adorable! post a picture sometime? :)