Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Woes of life

I've missed blogging, reading blogs, etc. My computer has contracted a nasty virus, and I'm sneaking on carefully, trying not to screw anything up.... And to make it worse, the amount of homework I've been receiving has just increased. By like, tenfold. Homework is of Satan, unless you're a Satanist, and then I guess it's of George Bush. Just kidding. It's actually from Nazi's and that scary lady, Bombshell Mcgee.

Oh well, as Kurt Vonnegut would write, "So it goes."

As far as my social life, That Guy has been surprisingly somewhat less oblivious to the world, and his friend who we shall refer to as This Guy has also been a little more.... friendly.

If you call friendly saying 5+ words to me in a conversation.

Anyways, Monday night I slaved in the kitchen making two loaves of bread from scratch for my AP US History project on the northern colonies, and I have to say, for my first serious attempt at bread making, I think I did pretty good.

All the guys in my class loved it, and when I brought the leftovers to art This Guy complemented me, and also gave me a few tips on what to do next time I make bread. It's really awesome being able to brag about making the best sandwich on the face of the planet because you used your own bread that you made FROM SCRATCH. Take that faux domestic housewives that use store bought wonder-bread!

One step closer to being a unicorn. Ok, maybe I have 100 more steps to go, but still, closer to being just as awesome.


  1. I miss not having to resort to blogging DURING physics class. Blah. :P Cross country + homework = no free time.

    I wish we could make bread for my APUSH class! That would be fuuun. But congrats. On scratch is pretty impressive, I must say. :D

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