Monday, September 20, 2010

The Universe wins again

Last Friday I volunteered at my high school's Alumni luncheon for zclub, and it was gross. Or, at least it was gross in the back, where I was plating and preparing food.

The catering crew, which was just these two old guys were SCATTERED. Food was everywhere, the cooking area was a mess, it was on the verge of being a disaster.

When it came to assigning jobs to the volunteers only 2 people were needed in back to prepare the plates while everyone else had to carry them out or serve drinks. Knowing that I would probably end up dropping a tray, or spilling a drink on someone I quickly called dibs on working in the kitchen.

It wasn't too hard, all I had to do was put veggies on a plate and pass it down. Simple enough.

BUT. And I'm assuming you saw that conjunction coming from a mile away, THE PLATES WERE SO DIRTY.

They were grimy, and the bottoms were sticky, food was visibly stuck on them, and I put up a small protest to serving food on the poorly cleaned plates, but the caterers simply told me to put food over the nasty stuff to cover it up. Since I was merely volunteering, and there were people expecting food soon there wasn't anything I could have done. Strike one.

After the serving was done my friends Andria and Sully talked me into leaving early with them to get food. We went to two different teachers and tried unsuccessfully get passes so we could get off campus. Then, we had the brilliant idea of bribing a teacher with food. It worked, and we were able to get off campus. Strike two.

We ended up going to Chic-fil-a, which I am secretly not a fan of, and then Sonic, where I got a slushy. We skipped sixth period because we were coded for the rest of the day and I felt guilty. Strike three.

I was riddled with worry when it came to missing 8th period, which was AP English. You don't miss a class like that, if necessary. It just doesn't happen. Luckily, Sully remembered that she had to be at school at 2:15 to get ready for our mandatory pep rally.

Anyways, once we were on campus we officially couldn't have our drinks or food out without being questioned why 3 juniors, during class time, seem to have magically acquired an off campus period and fast food. My friend Andria, prior to getting to the building emptied out her bag of everything except what she needed for 8th period and put our food in her bag. We were back early and had to kill time until 8th period so we just hung out in our English class from last year. The teacher was pretty cool.

When 8th period came around our class had to go to the library, so I had to get my drink back from Andria and put it in my bag. BIG mistake right there. Having made 3 strikes against the universe I was bound to have something bad happen to me. Somewhere between leaving the library and walking to the multipurpose gym my slushy had exploded, without my knowledge.

Again, I was lucky and only ended up ruining 2 spirals, and my AP U.S. History folder and a random t-shirt, all of which were in the back zipper pocket thingy of my bag.

It could have been worse if I had put it into the front compartment of my bag which has ALL of my important binders.

Anyways, since the experience I've been trying to build up good karma. I have a feeling I'll need it soon.

(this was a scheduled post)

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  1. Euuugh, that's pretty nasty about the dirty plates! D: But aww man, I'm sorry that the universe decided to get back at you with the whole slushy incident. That sounds terrible, but thank goodness more things didn't get too destroyed!