Thursday, September 2, 2010

I should be doing homework.

Or something.

Everyday I have homework. Lots of homework. Most of it reading, and guess what? There's a quiz over the reading next class!

I counted all of the pages that I had to read for one night and got a whopping 127 textbook sized front+back pages. Do teachers ever stop to think that we have to read 20 pages in every other class plus their's? Probably not. I've been getting those, "My class is just as important, if not more, than your other classes" speeches. Oh well. I suppose this is preparing me for college, and the big workload I'll amass over there, but still. My back is killing me, and I have to grab onto the railings whenever I go up stairs for fear of toppling over and falling to my death, or worse, falling on top of other people.

And right now I'm sort of kicking myself for being an overachiever. It's just not cool.

Well, maybe it will be when I'm filling out my college applications, but as of right now I have virtually no social life, and if I were to have one I'd have to schedule it in. How douch-ey is that? Oh sorry, I can only hang out with you at 7 next Thursday for an hour. My schedule is too full for anything else. MEETINGS MEETINGS MEETINGS. And why on earth did I ever think that being an officer in multiple clubs was ever a good idea? Leadership shmeadership. Tomorrow doesn't need me as bad as it thinks it does.

It's not like I need to sleep and shower every now and then. And reading for leisure? Pah, that is for the bourgeois.

Blogging is keeping me sane amongst my paper cuts and papers due.


  1. To just about everything you said: Same here!

    Nat, you and I are all in the same boat, which is a comforting thought. We're not alone. Whatever helps make me sane these days, I'll take. haha. :)

    Good luck! Still get sleep!

  2. ^ Haha, Lizzie is totally right. You're not alone! :) Except instead of being awesome and being the head of like 30 clubs like you, which I'm sure shall look incredibly amazing on your college application btw, I'm stuck in cross country... Although I do love it. It just takes up so much of your day! Reading for fun? Unlikely. Social life? Psh, yeah right.