Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dear baby Jesus

I hate viruses.

And my forgetful dad for continuing to leave my computer at his office, even though I'm sure it's fixed and totally virus free by now. But, for now, I have access of a computer, therefore I am making this post and will try to read some blogs later.

My life has just taken a turn for the chaotic. However, it's a nice chaotic. I managed to pass my first Pre AP Physics test, and I only studied for 10 minutes the night before!

This Guy has just been... different. I don't know what happened over the summer--- soul searching, a marathon of 'If you only knew me' on MTV, something happened that has just made him a heck of a lot nicer to everyone.

Lots of homework, the usual.

OH. And did I mention that I got invited to go to a leadership forum in Washington D.C.? Yes. It's in February, but it's still in the air on whether or not I'm actually going to go because it'll require me to miss a week of school, and I don't know if I can handle all of the make up work. I'm somewhat glad that I have a block schedule, so it'll only be like missing 2 or 3 days of a class, but still. That's more time than what I want to miss.

Also, the fact that it's in D.C. which is FAR from Texas is kind of daunting. I've never flown by myself before and I'm afraid that I'll end up missing my terminal or get lost in the airport or something like that. But if I do go I'll be able to visit all the govt. headquarters and see all the monuments and meet "valuable lifelong colleagues".

I'll figure it out soon. The deadline to sign up is in October.

Anyways, I'm off to read blogs.


  1. Okay, I got invited to some thing in Washington D.C. in February that requires me to miss a week of school that has a deadline in October. I feel like it might be the same thing as you, which is really pretty awesome. If we both went, and met up there or something...! But yeah, I wasn't sure about the whole missing school thing either and am still undecided. But still. :D

  2. If you do decide to go, tell me which week you pick :D

  3. YOUTH LEADERSHIP FORUM!! I wanted to do that soooo badly!! But I didn't do all I needed to by the required date... But, yeah, I heard it's tons fun, but make sure you scheduel everything accordingly when you get in! (not if! hehe)