Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time to be honest

Today I got a much needed kick in the ass.

In DEPs we had a mock 8 week PT test, and I failed so badly.

I've hit a plateau. While I have progressed a lot from when I first started in June, I should be better. WAY better.

And it's all because I'm really good at lying and procrastinating to myself.  I will find any excuse to put off my additional training. These few weeks it was Thanksgiving and my stepmom having pneumonia. I' ve been taking care of my younger siblings and various things around the house, but I could have put aside an hour, at the least, every other day to run and work on my push ups. I've only run once in the past week.

This streak ends today. I need to get my ass into gear and set some tangible goals for myself.

So. Next week? This time next week I want to have shaved 2 minutes off my run time. I will do at least 48 sit ups within a minute, and 18 push ups within a minute.

It's time for me to physically ready myself for February.


  1. You go girl!! You can do it!! I have faith in you!!

  2. Last year I was in the same position, could barely do a push up. I needed to turn things around, and a friend showed me this site: hundredpushups.com. It definitely made a difference, and I thought it might help.

  3. It's time for you to physically prepare yourself and it's good to have goals just don't push yourself too far, or you'll never be ready. Good luck with it though. You have come a long way and you can get through this too.

  4. I wish you the best of luck! It's hard to not fall of the wagon at least for a little while, but as long as you have the determination to keep pushing yourself (although you have to be able to know your limits too, of course) I know you can do it.

  5. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do really well with it :) x

  6. I haven't visited your blog in far far far too long.

    I'm really sorry, but I want to get better.

    I admire you for setting those goals and for your determination, too.

    And I hope your stepmom gets better. My dad had pneumonia last Spring, and it was scary, but he got better.

    Hope you're doing all right.

  7. i know what you mean! well, for me it isn't physical training, but thesis writing! i've been so busy doing other things that "need to be done" that i haven't dedicated as much time as i should be to thesis writing. & now i am reaping the results. i've been working on my thesis all day everyday this past week. i'm so burnt out now. haha. good luck to you though!! hang in there : )