Friday, November 9, 2012

Holy Cannoli

For the past few days I've abstained from blogging because I didn't want to spread my negativity around the internet.  A lot of little, nice things have been happening in my life, but then again, a lot of big, not-so-nice things have been happening as well.

BUT, instead of whining about it I've decided to share a collage of pictures that express the awesomeness of the fall season that I've experienced so far:

via my instagram
I'm a bit sad that I didn't write a little something about the US election results, but I did vote for the first time, and that was exciting!  I've always been a politically aware person and although I tend to get a little carried away IRL, I've become quite tame over the past few years.  It was nice to actually put my opinion to good use.  I know a lot of people are cynical about the election process because the electoral vote, and not the popular vote decides the election, but either way this time around, Obama won both, just like he did the previous term.  A lot of wonderful things were decided this election, such as two more states legalizing same-sex marriage, and to me that's proof enough as to why voting is important.  I sort of wish I lived in a swing state, though.

Anyway, I've also been watching a handful of documentaries and short films online, and if you have a spare 47 minutes to procrastinate with, I'd recommend watching Hearts and Crafts, which is available to watch online for free!  Even though I'm a Jew at heart, I've always appreciated quality, handcrafted goods and this documentary features leather craftsmen (such as those that make saddle-wear for horses and the designers of Hermes bags), jewelers, and glass-makers, as well as a few others.  The documentary just left me with a happy feel good type of vibe.

But yes, hopefully I can catch up on everyone's blogs and start posting more regularly!


  1. I'm sorry you've experienced some uncool things. I have, too, but haven't been able to blog about about anything of it. Even the really awesome things.

    I think I should write and send you a letter. It's been far too long.


  2. Well I hope the bad stuff that's been happening has gone down, and things are better for you. It feels kinda good to vote, but the people who overreact to the result just make me a little sad. The system might be flawed, but I don't think you can argue that Obama won this time. All these people saying they're going to move to Australia are especially amusing because an Australian tweeted that their president is a single atheist woman and voting is mandatory.

  3. Post whatever you want, don't be concerned about posting something negative because I'm sure somewhere someone else is posting something positive so it balances out.

    I don't know, the horrible and stressful things in my life are probably the most interesting too.

  4. Aww, well I hope all the good stuff will eventually cancel all the bad things out :) x

  5. that hearts & crafts documentary looks good! sorry things have been yucky lately, but i'm glad you can pick out a few good things. you know where to find me if you ever need to vent : ) take care lizzi.

  6. I know how you feel! I'm glad you're focusing on the positives, though, even though I'm sure it's difficult to do so! Keep being awesome! We're all cheering you on!