Thursday, November 15, 2012


I've been meaning to blog about this since the news first broke, but life, you know.

So this whole affair thing that Petraeus had makes me sad.  For my non-US friends, Petraeus was a retired 4 star army general and head of the CIA (briefly), and his affair with biographer Paula Broadwell (who has a pretty impressive background) has not only permanently damaged his reputation, but Broadwell's as well.

I think I've mentioned my views on affairs before--- which was met with mixed response.  I just don't understand.  It might be due to the fact that I'm not a risk-taker.  In almost everything I do (sans art) I tend to stay on the safe, cautious side of things.  The idea of gambling with ANYTHING makes me uneasy, so when I hear about well respected and highly regarded people doing things like this, I just wonder, why?

They worked hard for all of their accomplishments, building a reputation that many would be envious of, only to have their credibility crumble because of an extramarital affair.

Marriage is not something I take lightly, and not for religious reasons.  It's a promise, and quite possibly the biggest promise you can make, to be someone's partner.  If the relationship doesn't work, get a divorce.  My parents marriage obviously didn't work out, but they knew when to quit.  They never cheated on each other, and it took them both quite some time to find someone else.

Cheating while dating I view to be a lesser evil because those types of relationships, in my mind, are kind of like trial periods.  While I don't condone it, I don't hold it up to the magnitude of cheating within a marriage.

I've never had the desire to cheat, but whenever I get unhappy in a relationship I end it.

And I understand how naive this post may sound to those with more life experience than me, but it's how I feel.

Despite all of Petraeus' pitfalls within his personal life, I still admire all the work that he's done.


  1. Well I have a lot of life experience and I too would never cheat. Especially in a marriage. It's a commitment, and like you said pretty much the ultimate promise. If it's not working, and you don't want to fix it, then just end it, and make life better for all involved. The true story though is how the head of the CIA couldn't keep even an affair of his own secret.

  2. This is exactly hwo I feel about it as well! Although I'm not that old, I do see marriage as an ultimate promise and commitment, one that shouldnt be treated like that! I never understood why people can't be rational and get a divorce first, buyt then again ive never been in that situation.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  3. I agree, cheating is never the answer x

  4. The first thing that popped into my mind was Kristen know, since I work with kids and all they can fucking talk about it how the new Twilight movie premiered yesterday. But anyways, yeah, I don't understand how cheating in a marriage and relationship should be held to different standards. Well, nevermind, I do. Because if you marry someone you should be in love with them...and you can date someone without loving them. But here is another thing I have an issue with. Why do actors get a pass and people in different positions get the shaft? Chris Brown beats Rihanna and he's performing on the VMAs. I feel like we as a society are ass-backwards on how a "reputation" can be broken.