Wednesday, May 16, 2012



After a lot of angst about college/my future plans, here's what's gone down since I last posted.
  1. As it turns out, the application process for ROTC had to be started junior year, and the deadline was the beginning of December. I missed that boat.
  2. I loath the idea of going to community college. So. Very. Much. Especially since it's like high school part 2 in my area. So I'm NOT going to community college.
  3. Yesterday I met with an Air Force recruiter, who -for all of you Sherlock fans- looked/acted like John Watson. Good omen? I think so. We made an appointment with him for the 29th of this month, and apparently I can take classes while being on active duty and the military will pay for it (within reason), and after I leave the military I'll get an additional 4 years worth of college paid for.
It's official. As of now, I have decided to enlist. And while this wasn't my first choice, the more I rationalize and think about it, the better off I'll be.

I literally spent a solid week crying myself to sleep because everything that I had planned fell apart in a matter of weeks. It was like one thing after the other was pushing me away from my intended path, forcing me to choose between remaining in town, or joining the military.  Ultimately I chose the harder option, which is what I usually do anyways.

Joining the military won't kill me. Basic training will be hell. But I know I'll come out stronger.

I think the reason why I was so opposed to the idea of joining the military at first was because everyone else thought I was crazy when I mentioned it. When I told my would-have-been roommate Margaux she straight up told me that I "wasn't a dog-tag girl" but a "nail polish and crafty girl" which is very true.

All of my friends are supportive, yet very sympathetic and it pains me to see the pity in their eyes anytime the subject of college comes up. I don't want to be the subject of everyone's pity, which is why I've only told a few of my closest friends my decision. I'm past feeling sorry for myself. The situation sucks, but when things fall apart the only thing you can do is pick up the pieces and carry on. I can either stagnate in my angst or make the best of the situation and look at the positive aspects.

I think it's obvious what I have chosen to do.

Anyways, once I'm officially enlisted I won't ship out for basic training for at least 4-6 months, meaning I still have the summer to do things. I'm going to get a job, continue running and training, open up my etsy shop, and work on my art. 


  1. Omg. I love your courage and strength. I have a very long story to tell... but hate telling it. It's similar to yours.. except I'm still lost and confused. I admire the way you handled things. :D

  2. Girl, you got this. I've been through parts of basic through the program I'm a part of, and though some parts of it suck, you will learn a lot and end up have a good time. I think you'll find fulfillment even if you don't expect it. I'm sorry that your plans fell apart, but now you can carve out a new path for yourself. Also, being in the military kind of gives you some extra bad ass points, and as part of the Air Force, you're going to have to take a bunch of classes, so your intelligence and work ethic will not go to waste during your time on duty! Live it up this summer and stay positive :) You're gonna get your time in college, even if it's not when you thought you would. The Air Force provides a solid career path and lots of benefits, so even though it's your last choice, it's not a bad one. Stay strong, darling, find the silver lining. It's definitely there :)

  3. You're a strong gal. Much respect.

    Stuff hasn't lined up perfectly for you, but you've set a new course that looks like it might lead you to a better destination anyway. You're a hell of a person.

    You're dead on when you said it won't be easy. But you're also dead on about the fact that you will come out the other side a stronger person. Much stronger. The past you will have a hard time recognising you.

    Again, much respect. I hope this all goes well for you.

  4. If you really think this is the right thing to do. Sometimes when life throws us a curveball like that, it can be testing how much you want to do something, or it really can be saying to you "Seriously, don't do this." But if the guy looked like John Watson I'd go ahead with whatever he wanted.

  5. You can go all Katy Perry "Part Of Me" and rule basic training! Remember in 8thfrade when Coach Chesthair told us what he thought we'd do with our lives and he told you that you'd become a WWE Diva? Well, this is kinda the same thing except instead of looking like a slut throwing other girls around, you're actually doing something useful and acceptable. I'm proud of you Lizzi. This takes guts, which you obviously have. And there are quite a few of cute guys in the military. Just saying. ;) We should totally work out together. I have some major flab I want to get rid of and I'm sure a military workout will be just the thing I need.

  6. Wow I very much admire your boldness and strength. It must not have been easy to arrive at your decision and good luck with everything.

  7. I admire what lengths you are willing to go to for accomplishing what you want. I could never sacrifice as much as you have for college. I just have so much respect for you, you'll go far.