Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Drawn during class
As of recently I've been obsessed with compasses.  Like, I love drawing them.  I've actually been thinking about getting a compass tattoo... I'm constantly getting lost, and I thought it would be a comforting image to have on me at all times.  Perhaps when I get to California...

Anyway, life has been busy as per usual.  I'm really anxious. I'm ready to go to California!  I've been looking at different concerts, talking with my friend Jordan who lives in Monterrey, making plans to do stuff.  As much as I like Keesler (and wearing blues every day) I'd really like to go somewhere different.  Somewhere completely new.

I might be addicted to moving around... And traveling...


  1. Hey, you're not the only one who wants to travel around and visit people. Hopefully both our plans go well!

  2. If that's the case you may want to get a compass and work on the not getting lost problem. I do agree they can look pretty awesome and as that is a tattoo that would have meaning, then I can only encourage you to do it.

  3. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO COME TO CALIFORNIA. seriously, we need to plan a beach trip (to Cambria because it is lovely and reminds me of Seattle.)

  4. Do the tattoo! The compass is a great idea.

    I haven't read your blog in a while but it looks like you're doing well and dare I say enjoying the military life? Good for you!