Thursday, May 23, 2013

A vlog in which I complain a little.

Gosh.  I sure hope I didn't come off as whiny.  I swear, it's only because I've sort of had a crappy week.

Tech school is getting really ridiculous (rule wise) and I'm itching to get out.  I have open sores from wearing garter straps every day, and they rub against my skin anytime I move.  Also, I have to put bandaids on my chest because the metal backing on my name tag and ribbon rack scratch up against me as well, causing red marks.  Yeah.

And a whole bunch of other things.



  1. Well well done you on making a vlog after all of that. I think you've earned the right to complain a little too.

  2. Being grown-up is hard, but you adapt and adjust. I think since I survived this past year as a college freshman without many issues, I am well on my way. You will be too, son.

    What helps me is having multiple older friends who I look up to and idolize in terms of how to get stuff done, how to have their own house AND go to classes AND everything else. It gives me the inspiration and motivation to be more like them. I also probably live in a fantasy where I want my room as spotless and photographable as hipster ones you see on Tumblr, so I have to clean my dishes, put away laundry, etc. I am also probably borderline OCD.

    Ahh, now I gotta go meet up with a friend. Good luck with it all and I'm sorry you had a crappy week.