Friday, February 1, 2013

random thoughts

  • 10 years from now, when the Nerdfighters are doctors, lawyers, parents, teachers, baristas, sales associates--- what will the world be like? What will the next generation be like?
  • How will being in the military change me as a person?
  • I wish I could get paid for laying in a pit of pillows, watching sci fi and eating peanut M&Ms
  • I don't like my dad's business partner.  He gives me this greasy feeling that I just can't shake.
  • I'm really excited about going away and making new friends, maybe I'll even come out of my shell and initiate conversations with people.... Maybe.
  • I see all these people reading books that I love because they're now movies and while I'm happy that they've decided to delve into something deeper than People magazine (not that there's anything wrong with People) a small part of me wonders if they'll actually GET anything out of what they're reading and relate to it on the same level that I did, or if they're just reading it to be cool.
  • BMT better get my bod in supreme shape for bikini season or I will be pissed.
  • What type of device should I buy myself with my first paycheck... A macbook? An iPad? A regular laptop? I need something other than my phone to blog with...
  • I sort of want to request to be stationed in Florida or Nevada when the time arises... I'm still weighing my options.
  • The fact that my friends in other military branches make fun of Air Force girls for being sluts kind of worries me.  
  • WHY DID I BURN THE QUESADILLA I WAS MAKING THIS MORNING?! WHY. It was going to be so delicious :'(


  1. iPad. You'll look hot either way in a bikini. Quesadillas are tasty. HEY.

  2. Well if air force girls have a "reputation" for being sluts it's up to you to break the mold, and potentially some balls, while you're there. As for people who read books because a movie came out...well I don't think it really matters how they got in to the books, as long as they get in to them. I wouldn't have read Harry Potter if it weren't for the movies and I became deeply immersed in the world of it. Some aren't going to get the message, and get deep in to it, but as long as some do it's all good. Exposure is exposure, and some things need more of it. Plus, as you said, it gets them away from trashy magazines.

  3. Laptop. Don't get Mac products, they break down so fast.

    But if you do insist on getting a Mac, at least get the extended warranty.

  4. Ummm, if you get stationed at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida I will be only a short drive away! And I know other people that live on the base so the chances I could visit are pretty high. :D

    Just food for thought.

  5. Getting paid to sit and watch sci-fi....that would be my dream job.
    You rule. Mega lots.

  6. This was an awesome list :)
    Good luck with the decisions! I like Mac a lot. My laptop has been hanging around for 5 years. Go, little mac book, go!

  7. macbook air or ipad? I've heard Air Force is known as the brainy branch not 'slutty' but I don't know much about the dynamics.