Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I know what I'm doing

A fellow AcaDec team member posted this on Facebook a few days ago and I'm still mind blown about how big my binder is/was. Ignore Nathan staring creepily and me smiling at something off camera... LOOK AT THOSE DINOSAURS! << our binders

It just makes me all the more happy that competition is OVER and doesn't come again till next year. I started thinking about different things that I'll have do to for next year and I realized that I hadn't come up with a concrete plan for what I'm doing for my AP Studio Art concentration/portfolio (consisting of 12 themed pieces). All of the seniors this year that had issues with their concentration mainly got into a bind because they didn't have a theme.

After not contemplating at all and just spouting off random words I got inspired by this one guy in my art class who's theme is juxtaposition and decided to make my theme prepositional phrases! My subjects will mainly be people, but I'm still deciding on whether I want to work with other people, or if I want to make a series of self portraits.... more on that in a sec.

Here are some things my friends are doing for their concentration:
-Kitchen appliances

I want mine to be quirky and funny and I want at least on peice to be "Atop" and have it be a picture of someone on a mountain or something awesome and I also like the idea of doing one called "Amid the crowd"... I don't know... I have until the end of the school year to think about it, but I need to start working on it over the summer.

Anyways, this is where you guys sort of come in. I'm most likely going to be working from photographs, and most of you guys are AWESOME photographers/models and I was wondering if you guys would be interested being a part of my concentration?

Yeah, just an idea :) I still have a while to think about what I'm doing and what actual prepositional phrases I want to do, but I'll keep you guys posted!



    Ooh, that sounds like a neat art project and I would most definitely participate/help however I can. :)

  2. RAWR! I'm always caught off like that in pics. Ha.
    Also I'd love to participate in your concetration. I remeber how much that was a pain back in those days.

  3. Hahah, oh my gosh those binders are huge! I love your idea of prepositional phrases; sounds so cool:)
    And while I like taking pictures/being in pictures, i'm totally lost as to how i would help. The word juxtaposition still makes me laugh, and i'm not even sure why. hahah, au revoir!

  4. I can't wait to see what you'll come up with!!! And those binders are so big. How did I miss that? :)

  5. That is a big ass binder. Really. It even puts my giant APUSH one to shame! I'm impressed, haha. :D And oooh, I was contemplating taking AP Studio Art next year before I realized I have next to no artistic talent... haha. But I'm sure all of your pieces will turn out fantastically and I can't wait to see them come along. :D

  6. Holy crap, dinos! haha.

    I like the Atop idea. Sounds freakin awesome! just sayin