Saturday, December 19, 2009

Older now, and bad excuses

I'm about to get ready to see the Nutcracker ballet (YES!!!) and I just remembered that I haven't blogged in a while. I didn't even blog on my birthday which was the 15th!

Everything has been so busy, getting ready for Christmas, seeing old friends, and a lot of family stuff---- I just haven't had anytime to write.

Also, everyone knows I like presents, and travel, and this year my parents have decided to combine them both. After we have Christmas with all the family we're heading to San Antonio and Austin again for some shopping, touring, and hopefully snow! I can't wait! I'm hoping to hit up a few vintage shops I saw this summer, or at least a few galleries.

School is now officially out for me, and right now I'm trying not to worry about the paper I have due in English, or the pounds worth of French Revolution inspired music that I have to study and commit to memory.

Ugh. I'm also trying not to get annoyed by the overused and abused excuse of "Why not, (insert holiday here) only comes around once a year!"

Well naw duh. You know what else comes around once a year? My fist, towards your face if you don't stop saying that. People need to either be honest, or come up with a better excuse when trying to justify our of the ordinary holiday actions.

Personally, when asked why I would spend over $100 at Bath and Body Works for family, I don't say "Why not, Christmas only comes around once a year!"

I say, "Hello? Have you met my family? I'm safer getting them something nice and smelly than buying them a gift card from the Pottery Barn."


  1. Happy birthday, again! :) Your plans for Christmas sound pretty fun to me! Lucky duck! You're already on break! I must still endure 2 1/2 more days of torture...

    Haha, I went to Bath & Body works to get my mom's present... 3 things of hand cream for only $5! Oh yes, bargain shopping ftw!

  2. Well happy late birthday. :) I hate that saying too. Maybe cause it's usually just used by my sister in order to make me get her more presents... :P And Bath and Body Works is like the best place for gifts, haha.