Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Woah, bro

I recently just had to block one of my ex boyfriends from my phone and facebook.

No worries, guys.  He wasn't threatening me or anything, he was just being a whiny little bitch.

Seriously though.  Almost every single day I would get a text from him.  We literally dated for almost 2 weeks and he feels like he needs to be a centerpoint in my life.  No.  Just, NO.  He would send me these long paragraph messages, and I would ignore most of them or just reply with a one word answer because what do you say to someone you don't really want to talk to because they're annoying?

Recently he's been prying into my life in California, stalking my Facebook page and asking about the new friends I made--- trying to mirror what I do to make it seem like he's having just as much fun.  I'm just like, "LOOK, it's awesome you're having fun in Arizona, BUT I DON'T CARE."  You'd think me responding to texts with the singular "cool" or just not responding at all would give him the hint that I could give two shits about the events in his life.

The other day he started in with a lot of accusational texts asking if I had broken up with him for someone else, and I was a little taken aback.  I broke up with him because he was clingy, over emotional, and a tad controlling.  And I told him this.  I broke my single response text pattern to do so. Still, the texts were relentless so I finally broke down and told him about a tiny fling I had with a friend of mine WELL after we had broken up to see if that would shut him up.

It didn't.  It just began the long paragraphs of "Did we even have anything special?"  "Why did you feel the need to do that?" "Please help me not hate you, I'm really hurt."

And I'm just like, uhhh.... We "dated" for maybe two weeks, I broke up with you, and I can do whatever the hell I want.  I don't care how you feel because my decisions have nothing to do with you, nor did they ever at any point. You can feel free to feel however you wish.

The texts didn't stop, so I stopped them.  HOPEFULLY he doesn't try to contact me through other sources (like my work e-mail) and I'm going to cross my fingers that this ends any and ties I had to him.

But guys.  This is the most drama I've ever had with a relationship (and I'm using the term VERY loosely). I hope I never have to deal with anyone like this ever again.


  1. This reminds me of my saga with the guy that I was NOT EVEN IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH who was basically telling me he was in love with me after like 2 weeks of us hanging out. Except at least you're now in a different state than this guy! Ugh. It's the clingy, emotionally compromised ones, I tell ya. But yeah, maybe you can block his number or something? Because that is just ridiculous. He needs to just stop.

  2. I believe your title says it all.

    I'm sorry you had to deal with that.

    And thank you for reminding me I'm not alone with feeling low and insecure on my last post. :)

  3. LOL.
    Uh, let's tie him up like a piñata and beat him with a stick until he stops? Babygirl, prepare yourself. There are some men in this world who grow too attached too quickly and never, ever let go. Way to just cut him off, it was wholly necessary. Good luck in Cali, here's hoping the next guy you find isn't such a pussy bitch :)