Friday, December 14, 2012

Tomorrow is my birthday

And if you guys would like, you can write me a haiku as a gift, but of course, you don't have to if you don't want to.

I'm usually not into poetry, but I've always had an affinity for haikus.  I think it's more challenging to work withing pre-set parameters than it is to "free style", but that might just be me.

I've worked out most of my family plans in terms of the holidays, and my birthday has been simplified down to "I'm not working around your schedule on MY birthday" so those plans were pretty easy to make once I decided that.

I will be 19.  Freaky.  It's the last of my teens, and I just realized that probably this time next year I will be at a vastly different place in life.  Both physically and mentally.  Once I complete basic training and tech school, the Air Force could put me anywhere.  And I'd be stupid to think that my mindset isn't going to change as well.

Here's hoping that I won't be such a socially inept ball of awkwardness! Or at least, someone with less inhibitions.  I always find myself holding back because of what my family might think, or because I just don't know how to handle situations, but hopefully if I'm in an environment where I can exist without the fear of knowing anyone it'll be a little different.

I wish I was a bit more like the character Jess from New Girl, which I know is a silly thing to say because she's completely fictionalized, but I admire how wacky she is, and how fearless she can be.  I mean, I can only aspire to be that open with people.

Wise words, Jess.
Anyway, tomorrow I'll have a birthday lunch spectacular with my family, I'll get to wear the boots that I bought for myself (that my sister is giving me for my birthday/Christmas), and I'm going to go see the Hobbit with JB.

Sounds like a pretty swell day.


  1. Well have a happy birthday from me. I'd write you a haiku but I'm sadly not that good at improv and I tend to fail at haikus anyway. I'm glad you were able to come to that decision though and that is a sign that over the next year you will become more confident and assertive, basically not a ball of social awkwardness that you fear you'll be.

  2. Happy advance birthday!! Hopefully the next year is amazing.

  3. Here is a set of a birthday haikus thing for you:

    Day like stratus clouds
    Youth spanning, nostalgic sun
    Remembering birth(s)

    Celebration of
    Gold leaves, sliding through the air
    Shaped like years--peaceful

    Life is best to have
    Ahead of you, Happy..
    Birthday, Bookish.Spazz

    I really do hope you have a great birthday!! I hope that you have a great day and a fantastic year!

  4. Happy Birthday! You are not really that socially awkward honestly. Trust me, you are doing pretty good at life actually. I would write you a haiku, but my creativity is dead at the moment...which is why I haven't written a blog in awhile. If I see JimmyFungus'com's roving entertainment reporter, and professional poet laureate Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves, I will tell him to come up with something for you though.


    Yeah, I'm not very good at haikus. ._.

  6. Happiest birthday
    Although it is belated
    I send best wishes.

  7. What is a haiku?
    I don't know what one is, sorry
    This makes me very sad.

    Happy birthday yo. Sorry about my absence. I'm so terrible at blogging these days.

    What format are you going to see the Hobbit in? Regular 24fps or the new 48fps? I've heard mixed reviews about the 48fps screenings. I think I'll see it in that format anyway to see what all the rage is about.

  8. Haaaappy birthday! That does sound like a great day, enjoy it :) I'd love to be Jess too, she's just a really awesome person :D x

  9. I apologize
    for the belated wishes
    of a happy day.

    Haiku is fun!

    I hope your birthday was excellent, and that you enjoyed everything you did. I understand your idolization of Jess; I frequently ask myself, "What would the Doctor do?" in difficult situations.