Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two More Days!

I'm almost done packing, but I don't really feel like I'm in travel mode yet. Usually by now I'm antsy and ready to GO, but I just feel super chill. In order to prepare for our trip my family and I cleaned the house from top to bottom.

I'm not a fan of cleaning when it comes to scrubbing or handling bleach or chemicals, but I do find it somewhat comforting to rearrange, throw away, and organize. However, I still had to do both :/

Ever since my baby brother was born it's been impossible to keep the house clean for more than five minutes at a time. This is probably why I hate having to scrub stuff clean with chemicals. Also, babies don't like it when you pay more attention to the refrigerator that has spaghetti sauce flung all over it than them. Because of this, things like dusting the top of the refrigerator is near impossible to do.

Did you know that the tops of refrigerators are dust magnets? No? Neither did I. Apparently the last time the top of our refrigerator was cleaned was a little before my baby brother was born. Yeah. That was two years ago.

I'll give you five dollars if you can guess who had to clean the top of the fridge. Just kidding. I'm saving that money for souvenirs, but if you guessed me, pat yourself on the back. I wanted to gag it was so disgusting. Dust was caked on there in this furry mess, and I had to SOAK it in bleach before I could even begin to scrub it off. Blehhhh. But I got it clean. So it's all good.

Now all that's left to do is clean up all the food that's been flung on the carpet since yesterday. Oh yeah, and all the glitter my baby brother spilled on the carpet when I was making my box-o-happy.
I was feeling crafty, and while cleaning out my computer area I found the old case that my little sister's iPod came in and decided to recycle it and put it to good use. Also I'm a wanton collector of little animals from those 25cent machines, so I thought what the heck. If anything, it's another thing that I made to clutter my desk space.

Another thing, if grass were glitter I think I'd be more likely to roll around in it.


  1. eww, oh goodness, i feel your pain i hate cleaning! Especially the bathrooms with bleach. cleaning drains.... *shudders* don't even want to think about it! Well at least you have a trip to look forward to!

  2. 一個人的快樂,不是因為他擁有的多,而是他計較的少。..................................................