Saturday, April 27, 2013

So obviously

I made it out alive, guys!

I know I promised a vlog, but I ended up making one of me rambling for like 20 minutes, and I was to lazy to edit it today so I'm just going to post some pictures.

-Doing the Airman's Run (a 3mi. run) in the POURING rain
-Graduating as Warrior Flight
-Not really getting yelled at
-Meeting a lot of BAMFs
But yeah.  When I get more time to do stuff, like edit that video---- I will!
I'm just wiped today.  At tech school we have these phases that don't permit us to ride in vehicles for the first few weeks that we're here so we have to walk/march EVERYWHERE.  Like literally, everywhere. My friends and I have been walking around, exploring the base and we decided to go to the Marina today.  After the long ass walk down there we were invited to a crawfish boil and we ate to our heart's content.  And then we walked ALL the way back to our dorms.  I feel like we walked a bajillion miles.  Like, my feet are going to fall off.
But I digress.  I'm going to get that vlog up eventually.... And I plan on writing a little bit about my experiences at AFBMT.
However, right now? DJANGO UNCHAINED.


  1. Omg yay it's so nice to hear from you! :D

  2. Congrats!!

    I'm so sorry I wasn't able to write to you for the past few months. If I want to send you something this summer, what address should I use?

    I hope you're doing well. Can't wait to watch your vlog. :)

  3. I'm really glad you made it out alive and your feet are still in one piece. That walking everywhere thing sounds rough but also fair and smart. I try to do that here at home when I want to go in to town for something. Note I said I try, as I don't always do it.

  4. Holy craaaap, good to see you back. How was it? Was it anything like you expected, or it was completely different to what you were thinking going in? You must've learned and been taught a lot. Did you learn to kill a man with just your thumbs? No? There's still time, don't worry. Worst comes to worst, I can teach you.

    But anyway, it's great to hear that you're back and read your stuff again. Congrats on getting through.

  5. Oooo... Good movie, that is a good movie.

    Also glad to see that you've made it out alive and in one piece! And that you didn't get yelled at that much. That's awesome. :P