Monday, November 28, 2011


My cat is attempting to lay on my keyboard and it's making it incredibly hard for me to type and procrastinate about doing my AP study questions for Macbeth.

But, I need to inform the world about the travesty that is my yearbook staff. In fact, I don't even consider most of them staffers. Yes, that is how bad they are.

They refuse to take ANY initiative whatsoever, and then complain when they have no material to work with.

Ok. They are given a spread to complete. Usually it's something non ambiguous like a club page or student page (history, art, science, pep rally, homecoming, etc.). As the person in charge of that spread/page it's their responsibility to 1)write the story for their page 2)take or request that pictures be taken for their spread 3)write captions for their spread 4)interview or request for someone to interview students for their page AND FINALLY 5)make sure that everything is done BEFORE or AT deadline.

Honestly I wouldn't be upset if they weren't playing games during class, doing other homework, and just acting like incompetent children.

Is it that hard to look in the photo folder (that is sorted by month and week) to find pictures for their page? Is it that hard to ask me or the other editor to help them with their story? Is it that hard to ask the class if someone can cover an event?

I understand people have jobs and extracurricular activities. I understand. I'm a leader in many things around the school, not to mention all of my AP classes. I UNDERSTAND things get hectic and sometimes it seems that there's not enough time, but I promise THERE IS.

Would I be blogging if I didn't think I was going to be able to finish my Macbeth assignment before tomorrow? No.

I just wish they would use their time in class and just work on their page throughout the time it's assigned to them instead of waiting A WEEK before deadline to start ANYTHING.

It's gotten to the point where I meet with each staffer individually to see their progress. I have a handful of good ones that do their job and do good work, but they don't make up for the lazy/incompetent ones that don't. Also, I'm an editor. Which means I have to multitask and work on 935786y397 things at once. I don't have time to hold someone's hand for 10 minutes, literally standing over their shoulder making sure they're working and being productive. Today I was working on 3 different pages and helping the staffers AND still managed to get stuff done.

It's gotten to the point where if I can't deal with a staffer (because they're acting like a dumbass) I just let the other editor Ashley deal with them.

Jeez. If I hear ONE complaint from someone concerning me I will blow a gasket. I just want to be all, "BITCH, I'm the E-D-I-T-O-R. Ashley, and I CONTROL your grades. " Seriously. I gave a few of them 70s and 80s because they had nothing done. And that's only because our supervisor refused to let us fail them. This is how I feel 85% of the time dealing with them:
Ah well. Only 3 weeks until Christmas break... Then I don't have to see their lazy faces until January. Sometimes I wish I could clone Ashley and myself so we could do the book by ourselves.


  1. I hope yearbook gets better. I know y'all get it all together.

  2. I hope it starts getting better too. If you were actually able to fail them it might kick them into gear.

  3. That's pretty infuriating. Why did they even bother signing up to be part of it if they insist on being so lazy and unproductive? Not cool, at all. I would give all of them 0% until they get a hint, haha. :P Good luck. YOU CAN DO IT.

  4. 80% is still pretty generous. What's considered a fail over there? Isn't it under 50? Give them all 65% and when they ask for a change drop it to 55%.

  5. you can do it. :)
    and yes, not long till christmas! just think about that! :D

  6. @Dwei Failing is anything under 70%

  7. Awww that must be frustrating! Hope things become easier for you :)