Saturday, November 14, 2009

Without time

Thanksgiving Holiday could not come any sooner if you ask me. In fact I wouldn't mind if it came a whole week sooner.

I could use that time to catch up on some much needed studying, or better yet, SLEEP. A random kid in one of my elective classes counted me yawn 15 times in one class period.

Now besides the fact that him counting my yawns was disturbing, I also find the fact that I yawned that much a serious sign that I need to catch some Z's.

With thanksgiving break approaching I also face Christmas, and a buttload of friends who will be home for the holidays, and expecting gifts and snacks. Oh joy.


  1. Hehe, I know what you mean about needing Thanksgiving to hurry up! I don't work on anything during that week, since I'm in Georgia the entire time, hehe.

    I say you eat as much as you can hold, so you can catch a mean case of the itis and sleep through til school starts back! :D

  2. Yawning must be contagious... even just reading about you yawning so much made me yawn ;)

    And yes, I cannot wait until Thanksgiving break! And I can't wait for Thanksgiving dinner either... mmmm, stuffing and sweet potatoes... :q

  3. I am SO glad break is next week. I think we all could really use it.

  4. the holiday season just creeped up on us! with the depression, media has pressed-forward on holiday commercials so that folks will be moved to do early holiday shopping. smart, but broke folks like myself are panicking! how will it get done?!